Aquarius dating aquarius compatibility kiss of love dating ru

Aquarians are known to be subtle, yet sexy and also not so subtle and oh-so-sexy!

The Water Bearer tends to be a little detached and also like a loner at times, which might be confusing to the Gemini.

The Gemini man will however not brag like a Leo; he will mostly refer to his know-how in third person and very casually, all the while ensuring that his audience knows of his skill/knowledge.

But God save him if he tries this act of subtle show-off in front of an Aquarius woman!

The Aquarius woman is essentially a passionate creature; she would love it if someone can tap that side of hers and release as well as handle this intensity.

A Gemini man can more than handle passion, though tapping it might prove to be a challenge for him.

Therefore, this combination turns out to be one with all the fun and none of the emotional mess that is seen in more serious type of relationships.

This is very beneficial for the little disconnected Water Bearer.

The Gemini and the Aquarius will one main challenge of never getting around to doing the regular (and boring) everyday tasks.

However, the security and stability that the Gemini can derive from the Aquarian is something that further solidifies the mental connect of these to Air signs.

The Geminis will draw the Aquarians more into life and warm and cheer them.


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