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In fact, we may or not be writing this from JFK airport, drinking cwo-offee and waiting for our connection to Paradise! One of the most important things Frank had to tell us is that although the focus is on you, building a personal brand is not something you can do alone.

You should be looking to partner with anybody who shares similar interests or enthusiasms – and sharing as much as you can about what really makes you burn – what fires you and gets you out of bed in the morning.

Neira: Raising capital from a country that has limited capital market (no VC’s, no Business Angels, no crowdsourcing, almost no previous startup exits, no government support, etc.) is a very tough challenge, but we managed to raise over US$ 1M on our seed round.

We’re currently present in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, with localized content, websites, algorithms and customer support, all from our headquarters in Lima-Peru.

I focused on that since the start of Mi Media Manzana and today I can confidently say we have an amazing board.

We have the CEO of the leading Digital Advertising Agency in the Andean Region (Phantasia Wunderman), an ex VC/Investment Banker (DFJ / Morgan Stanley), the ex VP of Marketing of e Harmony, the head of one of the most important local Family Offices and the CEO of the leading local e Commerce retailer.

LAVCA: What is the talent pool like in Peru for a technology startup?

Are there certain roles that are harder to hire for than others? Overall, what are the biggest advantages to building a company in Peru?


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