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when he speaks you’ll hear a howling, growl to his voice.

It comes out in the tone of a heavy, baritone bass that booms as it travels from deep down in the back of the throat.

Even though Matthew and Kim didn't last, it was nice seeing a dark skinned black woman as one of the most beautiful and intelligent characters to all races.

I wish 'A Different World' could stay on Netflix because it portrays HBCU and/or Black students in a positive light.

“But what happened is that there were PHDs in my laboratory who weren’t even making ,000 a year. I was working at NIH [National Institute of Health]. I’m going to try my hand at it.” Headed to Hollywood, undeterred by knowing he’d become the black sheep of his family for following fluffy dreams based on a boyish love of comic book fantasies, Grevioux proved himself by flipping tiny extra roles into opportunities to pitch his ideas and writing. As the co-writer and producer of his script about the century old fight between vampires and werewolves created a cult-like following that still gives power and energy to the Kate Beckinsale starring franchise today.

But still, that is a paltry sum for the amount of time you spend in school and how difficult these majors actually are. “So while I did grad school and worked at NIH, I congruently took TV and film courses at Howard. And now, with his new film based on Grevioux’s Darkstorm Studios graphic novel, his writing, producing, and acting credits are once again seen on the big screen.

So many other aspects of my college experience mirror ADW as well.

Everything from pledging Greek, to hanging out with my friends in the student union!

Majoring in microbiology, Grevioux sought his Master’s degree in genetic engineering with dreams of becoming a doctor. “I was gonna go for an internship at Howard’s hospital.

The fact that it had never been done on film before was even more interesting.

"A Different World", a spin-off of The Cosby Show, details the lives of several students at the fictional Hillman College, an HBCU.

And I was like, ‘Nah, this is not for me.’ Seeing some throw-up on the floor?

It was like, ‘This is a nasty place to work,’” says the 6’2, linebacker sized giant. One is that whenever I see somebody throwing up on screen, I’m like, ‘You didn’t have to do that.


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