How to stop dating the wrong men

he was tall, physically attractive, funny, kind, with sparkling eyes.i felt an instant attration and he said he felt we would be great together. (we had not even been on a date let alone had any physical contact whatsoever) saying he did not know if he was ready for a girlfriend, and even though he thought a lot of me, he needed more time.We tend to notice perfection and get angry at ourselves when we don't match what we think we should do or say.75% of the time, you just have to give us a look when we say something hurtful, and it might take a day or two but we will come back and apologize to you, unless you have severely violated us. Once you know each of our personalities and combine it with the astrological concepts, we're very easy to understand on a general basis, but our intellectual side can often mess with relationships as we always lust for more in that department.I was devastated, i just could not believe how something we both felt so strongly, could be dropped in such a manner. he stopped all communication and actually acted as though he did not like was so so hard but i had to let him go to keep my sanity, so i stopped texting.I am an aquarius woman and I met an aquarius man in June and we started talking and talking and a few weeks later we were dating.

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Oddly enough I miss those things about him but it was interesting to know that my speculation was on the money. That was very informative, I just met an aquarius man online 2 wks ago we have been talking non stop literally, even while he is at work, very suave and everything that was mentioned was hit right on the head. i had an aquarius guy after me and i found him irresitable.

Both of us are in a committed relationship with our own problems.

We have became friends and I understand him to the point of feeling like I am talking to my soul mate sometimes.

I have dated other aquarius men who were distant and aloof, and too be honest more than eccentric, but this man is funny, intriging, adventurous, compassionate, unpredictable(in a good way) and like myself a parent and from what I can see a very good parent. he told me (in front of his mom) who he thinks the hottest girl in school is... he stares alot though, and i do too, can somebody help me? You have gotten caught in the Aquarius wheel of torture.

He has passion and ethics and only wants to do what's right. i used to hav fun with him, whenever he would see me hed go crazy, start calling out to me, and point me out to whoever was near. so i came over and started chatting up his mom, ( i am only sixteen) he was over there ( i ahd actually taken his seat) i love his mom, but the only thing he asked me was if i was going to be at church sunday, and if he could borrow apen!! The reason it works out ok for me is because I am an Aquarian and I GET them.


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