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It’s hard to look for a genuine good guy in the chaos of this society. Trying to find a guy that loves God with every part of himself and wants to know you and not just have sex at the end of the night; It’s next to impossible.

It’s hard to have more than surface level conversation with people, when they are terrified to let their guard down.

Girls today try playing hard to get just to get the guy to try ten times harder to end up having sex with her in the end or the need for more.

But what about the ones who aren’t “playing hard to get,” but rather just have high standards and looking for a true man in the midst of this hook up society.

The guy wouldn’t date the girl without permission, and would pick her up for a “proper” date.

A girl was not expected to give any part of herself to the guy at the end of the night. And although asking the girl’s father for permission is not always expected anymore, a lot of genuine good hearted guys will respect her and treat her well.

We want all the benefits, yet aren’t driven with the right motivation.God intended for one man to be committed to one woman.For us to be so madly in love with God that He, Himself brings two God loving and fearing people together for the better of the two.It is hard to live in a hook up culture when you are looking for more than just a “hook up buddy” for the night.It’s hard when as society we want the joking around with one another, but not the serious conversations.Relationships are meant to be more than the physical aspect of a person.


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    If you don’t feel good about yourself, you will never truly believe that someone else can love you and you will constantly be on the lookout for the other shoe to drop, for the guy you care about to leave, thus validating the fact that you are unworthy of love.

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