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Feel free to check out my book, Besides the pitiful lack of scholarship for your declarations, what most caught my eye here was: "I find that monogamous couples are often judgmental about a sex life that is anything other than monogamous, while swinging couples often espouse more of a live-and-let-live attitude.

In other words, they’re often less judgmental of couples who choose to live a monogamous lifestyle." Spending 15 minutes scanning Psych Today blogs dealing with monogamy/infidelity entirely contradicts this, as they often are inundated with comments about how "unnatural" it is to be monogamous or how those who choose (or - gasp!

Seth was merely offering his considered observations, based on years of clinical practice.

He didn't oversell them; indeed, he not only soft-pedalled their universality, but he emphasized that value judgements about such things aren't rightly part of his job.

His finish points to the possibility that couples whose sexual drives (or attractiveness) are mismatched might do well to be proactive through the use of strategies OTHER THAN swinging (or cheating.) Within the relationship, perhaps the lesser drive can be kicked up a notch, so that the extra effort required will not seem a chore. One needn't become a lifestyle sub, in order to extract the benefits of such a fetish, anymore than one need become an alcoholic in order to enjoy one's daily prandial brandy and cigar.

Now, some people are SO inflexible that they may be unwilling to consider any and every fetish under the sun, even on an 'outpatient' basis.

I’m not suggesting that most monogamous couples secretly want to swing.

I do wonder how many have wandered beneath the tent, only to inadvertently leave everything which they value behind in the collection plate.

After being open for a year, Swingers is celebrating its 1st birthday in the only way that would seem fitting for a crazy golf club: to get everyone playing crazy golf, duh. And, if that wasn’t enough to get you in the par-tee mood, then maybe some cheap cocktails and some of London’s best restaurants offering up some top notch grub?

We’re talking 5 cocktail bars, all in association with World Class Drinks, a two-storey free standing clubhouse and wait for it… Excitement levels aren’t calming down because there will be half price champagne to help you get in the party mood and special £5 birthday cocktails (they may contain both champagne and gin but shhh).

That's not so much an argument to run out and join the parade, as it's a cautionary one.

I love large, shady oak trees, but they do miserably when confronted with sustained winds.


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