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Unlike other attack helicopters, the Apache has a proven combat record, destroying armor in Iraq and decimating Taliban hiding in the hillsides of Afghanistan.INS Vikramaditya Aircraft Carrier Commissioned in November 2013, INS , however, she is a fully operational carrier, with an air wing capable of executing air superiority, anti-surface, anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare.India occupies one of the most strategically important locations in the world.A short distance from the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, India has been an important hub for ideas, trade and religion for thousands of years. India is faced on two sides by powerful, nuclear-armed countries it has fought wars with—China and Pakistan.

Brah Mos is one of the most advanced missiles in the world, capable of hitting targets on land and at sea with precision.

The carrier air wing is expected to consist of twenty-four Mi G-29K or Tejas multirole fighters and ten anti-submarine warfare helicopters. will operate as the centerpiece of a full carrier battle group, protected by the new Kolkata air-defense destroyers.

A further two carriers of indigenous designs are planned, bringing India’s total carrier force to three.

The anti-ship version is a so-called “sea skimmer,” flying just over the wavetops to give enemies as little as 35 seconds’ warning time.

Depending on the variant and method of launch, Brah Mos is armed with a 440-660 pound penetrating high explosive warhead and has a range of 186-310 miles.


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