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There are some very funny sketches in here, and I was chuckling as I was reading every now and again.

The ones with Dud as Derek & Clive, two blokes putting the world to rights are hilarious and are my particular favourites.

Ba-dum bum.), and in my own Grandmother, who would start clearing plates halfway through dinner and who caused several beautiful trees to be removed from her property because they were "messy". The trouble is - neither have you"), some of Cook's classic EL Wisty monologues, the best bits of Pete & Dud ("Bloody Greta Garbo...") and some of the hysterically rude Derek & Clive ramblings.

It is behind the Inquisition, Treblinka, and the idiotic foreign "policy" perpetrated by President Fuckwit (run that "Axis of Evil" thing by me one more time? Face it, people: the world is not black and white, only wonderfully variegated shades of grey; outside of pederasts, Republicans, and Dodgers fans (except Melissa), there is no such thing as evil. A brilliant collection of the hugely inventive work of the man who invented alternativ Re-reading this breathtakingly hilarious collection for the third or fourth time.

To shamelessly appropriate a blog-heading from my good friend set.element (whose blog,, I strongly urge you to visit; it will scare you and make you laugh, much like Hitchcock), "The World's a Mess (It's in my Kiss)"; deal with it, embrace it, adapt (and listen to X). Includes everything from the legendary One Leg Too Few sketch from 'Beyond The Fringe' ("I've got nothing against your right leg.

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The humour is priceless - like Milligan, Cook is an oft-unacknowledged source of much of the surreal style of comedy that was prevalent for a while.

Some of the others he wrote are now very dated, mostly because the world has moved on and these were relevant then.

I skim read it at times as it got a bit tedious; really one for the collector of his works.

To his many friends as well as his legion of fans, Peter Cook was quite simply the funniest man ever.

His unique gifts and the way he led the transformation of British comedy (from music hall to perverse absurdity) and his clear comic influence on Monty Python's Flying Circus and every show since, has been much written about.


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