Pretty girl dating ugly guy

Avoid the guy, and even if he tells you that he wants to speak with you alone, don’t give him a chance. [Read: A date rape story] #9 Cut him off from your social circle Call him up and tell him that you can’t stand his behavior anymore.

Tell him you’ll speak with him alone only when you’re convinced he’s not hitting on you. Tell him that you’d want to be friends and nothing more.

When he persistently tries to ask you out, tell him you’re starting to get annoyed with his behavior.

Tell him that you’ve started disliking him, and the more he asks you out, you’ll only end up hating him.

He’ll never be happy with your answers, no matter what you say.

#4 Tell him you’ll dislike him Some guys get scared of this one.

You don’t really have to be rude at first unless he’s persistent.

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#7 Don’t speak to him alone Guys like it when the girl they like has a conversation with them alone. So avoid giving away any signs that could be taken positively. You wouldn’t want that, so showing him your softer side in the middle of all the yelling will actually make him feel guilty instead!

They want you to explain it, and even if you do, they want more explanations.

So instead of getting yourself in a bind, just make your rejection clear and don’t go into elaborate details.

And in some other cases, he may assume you’re playing hard to get and may pursue you with renewed vigor.

[Read: The real reason behind why guys chase girls] But whatever may be the case, if you want to turn down a guy, use any of these pointers as you see fit. If a guy that you’re not particularly interested in asks you out, tell him straight out that you aren’t interested in him.


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