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Order the drink anyway and have a side of Frito pie. Austin and Dallas may have a state in common, but they really couldn’t be more different.Dallas is perched on the edge of the prairie, a place where the man in the cowboy hat and buckle is actually a business attorney transplanted from Connecticut.Give it a little time to get acclimated and then pick up a used pair at one of Austin’s vintage clothing stores.Wait a while before wearing it with a buckle and cowboy hat, though; nobody likes the newcomer who’s trying too hard.

Check out current homes for sale in Austin on Estately here or see all the photos of the brightly-painted home above here.The only downside is that for every Austin band playing a show, there are 5-10 aspiring rockers angering their neighbors by practicing their power chords at 2am.Austin is bike-friendly enough for Lance Armstrong to live and train here so it must be at least okay, right?Don’t worry Texas A&M fans; there are a few Aggie-friendly bars in the area for you.Despite Austin‘s rapid economic growth and popularity, home prices are considerably cheaper than comparable cities like San Francisco.Locals either stay to partake in the fun, or else rent their homes out for exorbitant prices to those attending. This delicious dish alone is reason enough to move to Austin.


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