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Biderman's business card really is fashioned like an upscale hotel key.

All outrageousness aside, one would assume that Biderman is an instant hero to sneaky married men and Public Enemy No. The bold broker of lust and I sat down for a chat recently and Biderman disclosed that his entire business strategy has been to lure married women to the other side of fidelity.

And for a woman who used to be the object of someone's desire or fantasy, to have lost that is very painful. And loneliness is a true driver -- it equates to pain. You sign up to the service and you have these men tell you, 'I want to meet you.' These men are interested in her as an object of desire, and that's a revalidation for her.

What about the other group that visit your site -- the good time guys and gals? Mistresses, and their view of the world is that a good man is hard to find, and if you've got one, and for whatever reason, you're not taking care of him, that's your tough, and I will.

One primary reason men visit the site is that they are in a sexless marriage, or they are getting very vanilla sex in their lives.

This is my hypothesis, there is so much access to adult material on the web that these men see the others' user-generated adult content and they start thinking, "Oh my goodness my neighbor is a swinger, my neighbor is having threesomes." And they're thinking, not only have they not had sex for three weeks, it's the same old missionary position and with the same person every night.

They have happened with our politicians, with athletes and celebrities, they have happened since time immemorial.

Isn't it better off when they happen in a community when they're all together, or do we want this happening in the workplace where the work productivity declines?

And if you're a married guy, [that online date] could call your spouse.When they go online and try to meet someone from that universe it has been the major challenge. Ashley Madison is for people who are disenfranchised in their relationships; women, men, it crosses every socio-economic group, every ethnic group and both genders so that there is no one who cannot use the service. and other things that shouldn't be printed here on this fine blog.It sounds ironic, but Ashley Madison in a sense gave married people the opportunity to tell the truth.Married women come to our service because for the last 10 years they haven't been paid attention to.They haven't been told that they're beautiful, or been brought flowers, and when they change their hair or their appearance their husband doesn't even notice anymore.Not to their spouse , but to the community they were trying to engage with.


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