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The next time someone sends you a "you're so hot" opening line on a dating app, try simply saying "Yeah I am." That's exactly what one college student started doing, and she got some... Claire Boniface, a 20-year-old student, began conducting a social experiment she called "agreeing with boys when they compliment you." Rather than profess thanks and gratitude to suitors offering compliments via online dating sites, Boniface politely agreed with them.

"I was curious to see how the people that messaged me would respond," Boniface told The Huffington Post.

I’m much of a vibes girl, and for me, the internet does not really help me feel someone’s vibes.

It’s like picking the nicest looking, least damaged keychain from an overfilled bin at a souvenir store.

At the end of the day, you really don’t know what you have until you actually talk/see a person.

For me to actually leave my house and give you time is roughly 1/100000000. I’ve also noticed that even though we may start enjoying the company of a person we have met, we still can’t help but go back and look to see what other possibilities are out there.

If there is one thing I learned about dating, whether it be online or the traditional way, is that you have to know what you want.

Alright, today’s post is a little different than the norm.

I’m adding a new section to my blog called “Feel Good” and it will incorporate short stories, thoughts, and some mental health related content.

Even though it might be psychologically accurate, this is not the kind of advice I will forward to my friend as it will only be useful to her to attract men physically.

But we’re talking long-term here, so…Few of them are surprisingly very good.


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