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Purchase Need for Speed Payback – Deluxe Edition for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store Product Info: Developer: Ghost Games Publisher: Electronic Arts Website: Need for Speed Payback Twitter: Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region Game Description: Assault Android Cactus is an arcade style twin stick shooter set in a vivid sci fi universe.

Junior Constable Cactus is outside her pay grade when she responds to a distress call and ends up stranded on a crippled space freighter under attack by its own robot workers.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been trying out a variety of games I’ve found in the Windows Store for my new Windows 8 PC, including a bunch of Xbox games.

Like games for the Xbox 360 or Xbox games for the Windows Phone, all Xbox games in the Store include achievements I can unlock.

Travel around the globe to exotic locations and eliminate your targets with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle to an exploding golf ball or some expired spaghetti sauce.

HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition includes brand new content including 4 new missions, 3 new themed escalation plus all missions & locations from the award-winning first season of HITMAN.

This could help form a bond with another human being in a safe and hopefully fun way, without anybody having one too many at the bar and making a whole scene.

Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region Game Description: In 911 OPERATOR, you take on the role of an emergency dispatcher, who has to rapidly deal with the incoming reports.

Lovel Up helps gamers get to know each other before they meet in person." It is currently set to release as a free app.

Hi, I’m Tatsuo Yamada, a writer on the Windows team, working on the Windows Store.

Today I’m posting the first in a new series of blog posts about apps and games available in the Windows Store.

All of my snark aside, I can actually see it being a very useful app for the more socially awkward people out there.

Some folks are just shy and going to a bar or using a traditional dating app can be intimidating as hell.


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