Your kindle software is updating

You can also customize which icons appear in the carousel.And there’s a new password lock function that secures the device so kids and others can’t easily purchase items from your Kindle Fire.With this app, or any other comparable file explorer software, it’s simply a matter of copying the update file from the Downloads folder to the Kindle Updates folder on the Fire.Note that both of these are actually sub-folders of the sdcard folder.It’s actually fairly easy and requires just three things: a Kindle Fire(s amzn) (surprise!

And if you're not sure which version of the software it's running, you should check the following: Kindle fifth-generation/Kindle Keyboard: Press the Menu button on the home screen and select Settings.Tap it to update your Kindle Fire software, which should only take a few minutes. As far as the update itself, it addresses several of issues found in the Kindle Fire.For starters, the device is noticeably more responsive and easier to use with the carousel interface: icons snap into place much faster.That’s why it is vital to update your Kindle Voyage as soon as the latest updates become available.Software updates (usually) include security, speed, stability, performance improvements, new features and various bug fixes.The software update, version 6.2.1, is available for download directly from Amazon here.


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